We now have our dedicated DogeCoinDarkNet nodes on I2P, and you can now connect your wallet to the darkside!


Here is how to configure your Windows/Mac/Linux wallet!

First, download, install and run the I2P installation package that best fits your OS platform. This will connect you to the I2P network.

You will need to go to this link on your computer to access the I2P console and create a socks 5 connection on port 9000,
you can even click this link right now after you've installed:

now that you see the console manager, scroll to the bottom, where it says "new client tunnel" and select "SOCKS 4/4a/5" from the drop down.
now click "create" and enter the name (DOGED TUNNEL) and the port 9000.

That is all you need to do here. scroll to the bottom and click "save".
Now, back in the main console page, scroll down and find "DOGED TUNNEL" and click start!
Now your computer is ready to establish the I2P connection once we finish the wallet setting!
Open My Computer and go to Organize, then Folder Options, and click on the center tab "View".
Then click "Show hidden files.." under "Hidden Files and Folders"

Now navigate to the file where your blockchain is kept. By default, in windows, it is located in:
C:\Users\(your windows name)\AppData\Roaming\DogeCoinDark\

Right click, and select Create a New Text Document and put in the following lines:


Save it as DogeCoinDark.conf, instead of New Text Document.txt

Now, DELETE EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE DIRECTORY. (this is assuming you are starting with 0 balance)
(you can not sync wallet from regular internet, then switch to this. if you do not follow these steps, you will lose anonymity.)
(it will regenerate when you start the wallet back up after completing the steps)

Now, open your wallet, and go to "Settings" then "Options", then select the center tab "Network"

Unclick the first option, and click "Connect Through SOCKS proxy" and enter your local ip, port 9000, and SOCKS 5, as shown.

Now, just close and re-open the wallet, wait a few moments, and you are to our dedicated I2P DogeCoinDarkNet!
(if you have problems connecting after this, leave a message here in the thread, or come into our irc chat room link and we'll help!)

To the Dark Side of the Moon!!!